How to Apply for a Work Visa in Germany?

How to Apply for a Work Visa in Germany?

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How to Apply for a Work Visa in Germany?

As it is widely known Germany is one of the most influential countries and has offers employment opportunities to the credible individuals. However, one cannot just move to a new country in the blink of an eye. The process of emigration is lengthy and requires a lot of documentation before the decision of the final move is sealed. Work visa is one such piece of documentation which is of utmost significance to move to Germany for employment.

The foremost requirement for any visa is that of a valid passport. Followed by the passport, the range of official work begins which eventually decide on the suitability of the individual. Prior to 2005 Immigration Act there was a provision of ‘work permit’ which made it somewhat feasible for the people to attain a job and shift abroad. However with the coming of the act things have changed. Residence in Germany can be obtained through different titles than the earlier simple ‘work permit’.

For starters, Germany has two types of work-related visas, one is the work visa and the other is the job-seeker visa. In case of the first one, the individual needs to be a highly qualified professional. The visa covers a wide range of employment and demands the highest level of qualification to authenticate. The openings in the sector of application helps one achieve the visa comparatively easily given the correct academic background. The other visa, job seeker visa is allotted to students who have completed their studies from Germany and seek employment opportunities immediately after graduation. This type of visa is meant for the fresh students. It is like their permit to set foot in the world of cooperation. The period of validity is less. It only extends the stay for six months. The individuals can at least attain much wisdom through their conversation if unsuccessful.

To apply for a work visa, one needs be on their toes for a while.
At first, individuals need to check if they require a work visa or not. There are a few countries like Israel, USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Korea and a few others whose population does not require a work visa. These people are allowed to enter the country without a visa and apply for residence before employment. However this is not the case for everybody. The others need to go through the rules one by one, passing each stage and gracefully nearing their destination, Germany.

The list of documentations followed by a step by step process of attaining a work visa is provided here to help the one’s interested in their endeavours in Germany.
Required documentations:
1. Passport.
2. Two sets of signed application forms.
3. Two passport photographs (the photo should not be older than 6th months).
4. Permanent residence proof.
5. Health insurance (It is a must when travelling abroad).
6. Contract of employment or appointment letter.
7. Federal Employment Agency certificate.
8. Curriculum vitae.
9. Academic performance documentation.
10. A clear criminal record sheet.
11. Visa fee (75 Euros). The fee should be paid in the national currency the country. In case of India, it should be done in INR.

The step by step process involves –

1. Getting a job in Germany
2. Gathering and arranging all the documentations
3. Attaining an appointment with the official authorities.
4. Fee payment
5. Last, acing the interview.

There is much weightage on the interview so one needs to appear confident before the panel or the authority to grab a hold of their dream and the opportunities.

Everything on the surface appears easy and doable but on a deeper note everything requires utmost patience on the part of the applicant who needs to revisit and revise the documents as per the needs of the procedure to eventually attain the work visa. The lengthy process though may be a little exhausting, the reward is worth the hassle. A job in one of the leading nations with the prospective of future settlement in a developed country is a dream come true.

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