How to Apply for a Study Visa in Germany?

How to Apply for a Study Visa in Germany?

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How to Apply for a Study Visa in Germany?

Visa is the mandatory requirement in terms of emigration.  It is the verified document which acts as the permit to enter a foreign country. Germany is one of the countries which has tuition-free education is majority of the Universities. It has high quality educational facilities. Therefore, undoubtedly it is one of the most popular countries. So, here’s a guide for you on how to apply for study visa in Germany.


A student visa is meant for students who are either interested or have already enrolled themselves into institutions abroad. The German student visa usually has a validity of 3 months within which the students are to report in the country and extend the validity after the completion of official formalities.


However, there are countries with different types of visas which confuse the applicant. Germany is one of them. Here’s a list of different types of German visas for students.


  1. German Student Visa: It is a type of visa for the students who have already been admitted into German Institutions. The letter of application is needed for application.


  1. German Student Applicant Visa: It is the visa for students who have applied in German Institutions but have not received the letter of application.


  1. German Language Course Visa: This visa is for students who are interested to pursue language courses in Germany. There is a list of eligibility to apply for this visa.


  1. German Job Seeker Visa: This is for the students who have studied in Germany. They can apply for this visa as soon as they graduate. They are offered with an extension of 18 months of stay in the country.


Choose the visa type that fits you.


There is also a long list of documents required to apply for the visa in Germany. Here’s the list of documents arranged for you.


  1. A valid passport – Passport is the most important document to apply for a visa. To apply for a visa in Germany, two copies of the passport in A4 format are required.


  1. German national visa form – Next requirement consists of two copies of completed and signed copies of the visa form.


  1. The letter of application – For students who have been accepted by institutes, the letter of application is mandatory. Two copies should be attached with the original letter.


  1. Proficiency Certificate – To study in Germany the applicants require a language proficiency certificate. The minimum qualification of B2 would suffice. Two copies along with the original are required.


  1. APS Certificate – The Academic Evaluation Centre, German Embassy issues a certificate after verification of academic documents. It is mandatory for students. The exemptions include those who would obtain a non-German degree, those who have a foreign degree, Doctorate or Post Doctoral students.


  1. Visa photos – Three clearly visible high quality passport photos are required. The face should be fully visible without any glasses or coverings on head. The background should be white. The photos should not be older than 6 months.


  1. Academic Documents – The academic documents should be submitted in original with two copies.


  1. Resume – The resume is another one of the requirements for visa application. The candidate must submit a resume with all the personal, academic and professional information.


  1. Proof of financial means – The students need to provide a proof of fund. They need to submit a confirmation for blocked account. Students with scholarship or sponsorship need to submit the document of scholarship or letter of sponsorship.


  1. Travel health insurance – Travel health insurance is a must for a foreign visa. There are provisions for free German health insurance for students.


  1. Declaration form – The Declaration on true and complete information. Submit the original with two copies.


  1. Additional form – Additional contact and legal representation information is needed. Attach two copies to the original.


  1. Printout of the document checklist

The checklist is finally followed by a visa fee of 75 Euros, around Rs. 7,000 which is payable in Indian currency only.

Two identical sets are required along with the original documentation. The documents must not be stapled.

After the submission, the Embassy shall process the application within 10 to 15 working days. There may be delays. The acceptance shall allow you to realize your dreams.

Hope you find this helpful.


Happy Learning!

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