How to Become a German Language Teacher in India?

How to Become a German Language Teacher in India?

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How to Become a German Language Teacher in India?

At times, the mastery of a language leads to a desire to spread your knowledge. What is the best way to do it?

Teaching, of course.

Let us see how one can become a German language teacher in India. We shall also briefly go through the eligibility, availability and scope of employment in the educational sector.

At a time when learning foreign language is in trend, the credibility of one cannot go to waste. The education field is always on the lookout for dedicated faculty members who are dedicated and passionate about this noble profession.

Since Indians students rank second in terms of overseas population in Germany, German is one of the languages which is in high demand amongst the masses. The language unlocks the safe for varied opportunities for the willing. At the same time these willing are in search of expert guides.

Let us check the basic eligibility criteria to become a German language teacher.

The first step to be followed by a candidate is the attainment of a German Teacher Certificate. This is test which evaluates the eligibility of an individual to be a teacher. The test checks the fluency and the educational qualification of an individual. To be able to apply one needs to have either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in German. The level of qualification varies according to the level of employment. For college level, the prospective teacher should have a master’s degree in German.

India has a large number of foreign language institutes, under Central Government, State Government or Private ownership. Since there are no general set of qualifications, the requirement from a candidate shall vary from institute to institute.

Moreover, the courses offered also differ. While some are limited to the intermediate proficiency level, some others offer diploma and degree courses. There are even international schools which have introduced foreign language as a part of their curriculum. This provides a way for the prospective teacher to groom the younger generation to not only master a new language but also to have a much broader set of opportunities to explore in future. The only common and mandatory requirement for a German language teacher in every institute is the German Teacher Certificate.

Hurry up, if you fit the eligibility, apply for your certificate.

Regarding the availability of jobs, there are plenty of employment opportunities. The employment websites have vacancies for foreign language teacher all over them. With every major city having at least 5 foreign language institutes the demand of teachers is high. The pay scale begins with Rs 29,000 per month and goes as far as Rs. 5,00,000-8,00,000 per annum.

The scope for a German language teacher is quite wide. The opportunities are not limited to teaching in institutes. One can opt for private tutoring. There are willing students who, due to some problem or the other fail to enroll themselves into institutions but require the skills to grow in their respective fields. Grooming these individuals would not only help them attain their dreams but also offer the teacher with a suitable compensation.

Coaching for the different proficiency tests is another option available. Students taking tests like TestDaf, Goethe-Zertifikat or DSH can use all the help they can get.

With plenty of options to choose from in the same field one can and should opt for the profession of a German language teacher so that they can have teach, guide and spread their knowledge and know-how of the German language, culture and society to those who are interested in pursuing different courses either in German or in Germany.

Hope this helps.

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