All About DSH

All About DSH

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All About DSH

The world abounds opportunities. Germany is one of those lands of ample opportunities which welcomes the interested with open arms. To be a part of the abundant sector you need to take up examinations and prove your capability. DSH is one such advanced level evaluation test.

DSH is the short form of Deutsche Sprashprufung fur den Hochschulzugang. This is an exam for the students who intend to pursue their studies in Germany. This is a comparatively difficult test than that of the language proficiency tests. This is widely recognized by German institutes. Many Universities offer courses to prepare for DSH. This checks the student’s capability to attend seminars and lectures without any problem. Unlike TestDaf which requires a learner to have only the high school diploma and an intermediary language proficiency certificate, DSH is higher in stature. This is the advanced version of TestDaf which is meant for the assessment of university-level language proficiency of the students. The course structure follows a similar pattern to TestDaf but this stands a level higher in comparison. The test evaluates the reading, writing, listening and speaking ability of the applicant. The grammatical comprehensive capability is also assessed in DSH.

The DSH test has four parts, the first section comprises of listening. It continues for 80 minutes where short 10 minutes lectures are repeated twice with an interval of 5 minutes followed by 8 questions. The next part has two sections, reading and grammar. The reading test is of 90 minutes where reading comprehension is followed by 8 questions in the first half. In the grammar section the student need to revise 9 sentences without changing significance. The next part comprises of a writing test of 70 minutes. The students need to compose 300 words text based on a picture or graphic. The reason for the depiction should also be included. The last is the speaking test of 30 minutes. The students need to depict a realistic image or a short text. The speech should be 15-20 minutes long with an elaborate introduction. The written exam is most crucial for DSH. Applicants can take up the oral exam only after passing the written test.

DSH prefers applicants with B2 C2 level language proficiency. The student is required to have gone through at least 1,000 hours of intermediate level course study.

The exam is held twice a year and has three levels –

  1. Elementary level – A1 and A2 levels
  2. Intermediate level – B1 and B2 levels
  3. Advanced Language levels – C1 DSH2 and C2 DSH3

The certificates take around 6 weeks to be issued. They have indefinite validity. These have “passed” and “not passed” printed on them. Anyone with a score below 57% is considered “not passed”.

One can apply for DSH examination either online or offline. The completion of enrolment and payment is followed by an affirmation mail. The payment receipt is required on the day of examination. The fee for DSH varies according to the host institution. At present it costs around 100-130 Euros, about 9,000-12,000 INR.

Tips for DSH

  1. Take up the preparation courses offered by universities. The tutors provide guidance and help with the evaluation of skills. There are online courses available as well to ease the learner. The standard preparation course covers around 240 hours of lessons. The completion and practice shall definitely boost the confidence level of the applicant.


  1. Practice writing. The major obstacle for foreign students is the aspect of writing. They find it hard to express their answers in a different language. They stumble looking for the appropriate words to use in their composition. Therefore, practice writing regularly. Go through the academic materials and compose answers one a daily basis if possible. Keep your updated and acquire knowledge of new words and their usage which can enhance your composition.


  1. Focus on pronunciation. Pronunciation is the base of a language. A little off pronunciation may change the meaning of a word. Practice words thoroughly. Make use of audio-visual aids. There are applications available on the internet where native speaker teach pronunciation. Go through them if needed and make sure your pronunciation goes as close to the actual sound as possible.

It is never easy to take up a test for a foreign language. However, it is not an impossible task. Moreover, in present times it has become necessary to attain skills of different kind to flourish in different spheres. The global village is full of opportunities to the one seeking. Stay motivated and focused on your goal while practicing regularly and you shall definitely come out with flying colours.


Happy Learning!

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