How to Prepare for TestDaf Exam in Three Months

How to Prepare for TestDaf Exam in Three Months

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How to Prepare for TestDaf Exam in Three Months

TestDaf is a German language proficiency test which stands for Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache and means “Test of German as a foreign language”. It is conducted by the TestDaf-Institute in Germany six times a year. There are about 450 centers in the world where the test takes place. The test is meant to assess and evaluate the speaking, comprehension, writing and reading skills of the non-natives. This is the foremost eligibility required to apply for a visa in the country where around 95 percent of the population speaks in the native tongue, German.

Learning a new language is a tough task in itself but taking an examination to prove the credibility is on another level. It requires much hard work and effort on the part of the learner so that they can attain the knowledge and proficiency of the language.

Here are some tips to prepare for the test in just three months.

1. Get enrolled
Enroll yourself in a German language institution. Since there is availability of both, online and offline courses, it would not be difficult to get admitted.

2. Go through the course material
The first task is to skim through the material provided to you. Most institutions have personalized materials meant to help the learner in easier comprehension.

3. Keep a dictionary handy
No matter what language it is that you are, you need a good dictionary to refer to when some difficulty in understanding arises. Online dictionaries work the same. Just find a suitable one.

4. Be consistent
consistency is the key to success. You need to be regular with your efforts to reap the fruit of your hard work.

5. Clarify the doubts
If there are doubts in your minds regarding any content, consult with your guide and clarify it. Do not shy away from asking because this may hamper you at the time of test.

6. Proper guidance
Different institutes offer guidance sessions suited for individuals. Join the sessions and seek advice if needed.

7. Evaluate
Engage in evaluation processes. Keep a constant check on your progress. Repeat the things which you missed during one evaluation and learn them thoroughly.

8. Thorough study
The best tip to learn any language is comprehension. One cannot learn a new language through the rote memory. It needs to be internalized through understanding so that one can adjust and improvise whenever needed.

9. Practice daily
They key is to practice daily. Since there are four stages of the test and two of them involve the oratory skills, one needs to work on the pronunciation. One of the ways can be through communication with others or one can also take recourse to the numerous applications available online which offer pronunciation lessons from the natives.

Same is the case with writing. The writing skills shall require the proper knowledge of the subject matter and the understanding of letters and spelling. Practice is the best medium to internalize these aspects.

10. Browse the resources
The internet abounds with a variety of resources, from texts to videos, audios and other contents which may prove fruitful when used in the correct manner.

11. Watch German movies
Movies are the representation of a culture. They are not only entertaining but also a source of knowledge. Therefore, if possible go through short films. Start with subtitles to understand the subject matter better, practice the lines in the similar tone and if possible gradually turn off the subtitles to check your level of understanding. The pace of movies would be somewhat similar to that of the comprehension audio clip, so practicing with movies might be helpful with that.

12. Assess your level
TestDaf has three levels beginning with TDN 3 and ending with TDN 5. The beginner level proficiency is sufficient in most cases. Enquire the requirements of your proposition and study accordingly.
The previous question formats, if available, may help significantly in preparation.

90 days is a long time to prepare for a 3 hour test. New languages pose a challenge but they can be overcome through sincerity. One who is goal-oriented shall only rest once after the attainment of the goal.

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