Indo-German Student Exchange Programme

Indo-German Student Exchange Programme

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Indo-German Student Exchange Programme

India has been expanding globally since a long time. The land has been developing one step at a time. At present, the country stands as one of the progressive nations of the world. It is also one of the countries which has the largest ratio of youths belonging to the 10-30 years age range. Therefore, there are abound opportunities for the younger generation to develop, adapt and become true and capable citizens to lead the nation to the forefront. The first means towards this end is undoubtedly education.

India has a developing educational sector. From the state to central and international level, all the variants of school education are present in the country. The Indian Government pays keen  interest to the development of the study sector and engages with new initiatives and mannerisms  available to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

One of the best mediums of improvement is through the educational and cultural exchange. The largest democracy in the world has friendly connections with majority of nations. This creates opportunities for the nations to share and exchange resources to flourish together. One such means for education is the international student exchange program.

India has educational exchange programs with different countries. Germany is one of them. India has always had good relations with the country. It is one of the countries where the Indian students rank second in terms of overseas population. This definitely suggests the provision of student exchange programs. From learning to read and write one-two-three in the German native language to being fluent in the German vocabulary, these are provisions which benefit the students in all-round development.

The exchange programs provide the benefit to explore a new country, new culture and learn about the different ways to expand oneself. Thus, one of the basic requirements is that of German proficiency. Although the majority of speakers are multilingual but the knowledge of the local language can further broaden the scope of the student.

The exchange programs take place through the German delegation and the home institutions. The delegation chooses the area and sets the criterion which is followed by interviews in the home institutions. The students are selected for the programs on the basis of the fulfillment of requirements, a sound academic qualification, basic knowledge regarding the country and the performance in interview.

There are different types of student exchange program. There are different ranges, starting with high school students to the postgraduate level. The duration of exchange also varies accordingly. Some programs are short and some extend up to a year. These provide a wider glimpse of the visiting nation to the students.

The student exchange programs do not only expand the perception of the students but also provides them with variety of career options to choose from according to preference and relevance.

Some of the institutions which offer Indo-German exchange programs are –

  1. Amity International School
  2. Christ Junior College
  3. Delhi Public School (different campuses – Noida, Bengaluru, Gurugram and others)
  4. Camel Convent School
  5. Amity International School
  6. Trivandrum International School
  7. Indo-German Training Centre

There are many others apart from the mentioned. These have only been cited as examples.

Since Germany holds a higher rank in terms of science and technology, it focuses on the different branches of engineering as well with the intention of attracting the students with their world class course structure and design. Thus, here the knowledge of German language and culture can be helpful for the applicants.

The Indo-German programs thus, allow the students of both the countries to explore the respective countries attain information and gain knowledge which may be helpful to them in further course of life. These programs build the confidence in students. They learn the art of adaption and the seed of ambition is also sown in them which later results in flowers of hard-work.

alles Gute!! (all the best in German)

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