German Culture and Cuisines

German Culture and Cuisines

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German Culture and Cuisines

Germany is a land of colourful culture and cuisines. Due to the influence of different regions, both the culture and the cuisine are vivid. They continue a lineage which presumably goes back to their Danish origin. As a cultural sector, Germany is a large landmass where people of different lands have come together to live in harmony with each other. The population consists of around 80 million people and the land ranks as one of the most powerful in the world.

With mostly German as the chosen medium of communication, there lives a community of people who have roots in history and have continued to spread their essence worldwide. The culture is rich with a strong base in every other possible sphere. From art and literature to modernization, they are lacking in no category. From having been the home to maestros to thinkers, the range is so high that it becomes hard to find a parallel in the world.

Germany produced legendary figures, from Goethe, Beethoven to Kafka, Kant and Brecht. All these people enriched the people and contributed highly towards the development of the world. Apart from these eminent personalities in the cultural and philosophical sector, the country is also the home to some of the biggest names of the world like Volkswagen, BMW among others. Additionally the science and technological sphere is comparatively very developed which attracts people from outside the country to either invest in them or get employed in them.

Thus, the country has flourished in every sphere. The people are pretty organized, rational, calm and rule oriented. They are friendly people with a critical mindset who know the art of drawing the line when required. Such a land with such variety of people is bound to succeed.

In terms of food, Germans are food lovers. They are passionate about their food and have different varieties. Bread and potatoes can be considered the staple food and there are ranges of different types of bread and potatoes available in the market, each suitable for some specific purpose. The cuisine of the country has similarities with that of Western Europe. They have been influenced by the neighbors and share some similarities in taste with a few. It is through sharing that they have enriched themselves.

The most popular German food items amongst the countries outside are probably schnitzel and pretzel. They have been globally known for their unique salt and sweet taste which appeases the palates. The people take pride in the different varieties of products. They have a wide range beginning with normal white bread to rye breadpumpernickelburebrot to kaiser roll. The varieties sometimes confuse the newcomers.

They are meat lovers. The common varieties of meat are – poultry, pork and beef but horse meat is also consumed as one of the delicacies.  Deli meat is preferred with almost every meal. Sausage is one the favorites. They have a number of meat dishes with different herbs and sauces. Meat is mostly braised but there are also fried versions. Dishes like SauerbratenBratwurstCurrywurst are consumed on a larger scale depending on the region. Doner Kebab is one of the most popular fast foods which is sold almost everywhere in the country.

Fish is another important source of protein which they consume in a hefty amount. From Alaskan Pollack to trout and carp, these are the common in the menus. The country is not so much into sea food and is even restricted in the northern coastal areas but pickled herring is quite commonly served, either a rollmops or brathering. Fishes like mackerel, salmon, herring and sardines are also available for consumption in different forms.

Vegetables though rare are used in the different dishes in the country. The typical winter vegetables are available in the country like turnip, onion, cauliflower or spinach. They are used in stews and as sides with the meat. Asparagus is the most popular ‘vegetable’ which is consumed in the most quantity in the country. The people are not big on spices and rarely make use of the strong herbs and spices. The food is basically bland but rich in flavor. Horseradish and mustard are probably the only strongest spices which are added to the food.

There are different types of sweet dishes like bienenstichstrudelberlinerdampfnudelstreuselkuchen and many others which are prepared on different occasions and relished with family and friends. The most important part of Germanic culture and cuisine is beer. The country has the oldest brewery in the world which is in business ever since 1040. One of the leading global producers, they never lack this beverage and enjoy to the fullest, clinking glass and chanting cheers!

In short, the country has different flavours and plate full of offerings for those visiting the country. The delicacies are worth a try, at least once in lifetime to know the true taste of Germany.

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